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Parker Dawson Owners

In order of hull numbers

Hull #: 8
Serial #: MDS500080173
Year: 1973
Type: Midship 25
Owner : Sam Howard and brother Lanny Howard
Engine: Westerbeke 2 stroke
After being in storage for 10 plus years Sam purchased this ship.

Hull #: 10
Serial #:unknown
Type: Midship 25
Owner :(former) Frank Fernandez Ft. Walton Beach, Fl.
Present Owner: John Bergschneider 332 NE Gardner Dr. Ft. Walton Beach, FL 32548
Name: Dutch Girl Engine: Mariner 8
Dutch Girl was damaged in hurricane Opal and is presently out of commission

Hull #:14
Serial # Unknown
Year: Unknown
Type:Midship 25
Owner: featured in early Brochure

Hull #: Unknown
Serial #: Unknown
Year: Unknown
Type: Midship 25
Owner : Eugene Johnson
Star Rt.
Vaughn, MT. 59487

Hull #: unknown
Serial #:unknown
Type: Midship 25
Location: Saltspring Isle,
B.C. Canada
Owner : Iain Leckie
Name: Scalia
Engine: unknown
Scalia's owner has purchased another boat and is in the process of selling her 2/27/99

Hull #: 37
Serial #: MDS500370573
Year: 1973
Type: Parker Dawson 26
Owner : Steve and Harry Johnson
Name: Waypoint
Steering: Tiller
Engine: Baldwin Sail Drive 9.5 h.p.
Keel: Swing
Acc.: , 2 burner alchol stove.

pic of midship
This Sailboat was purchased from North Carolina. She came with a 120, 150 and the main. The jibs were modified to work on a Cruising designs furling system and it works real well. This boat is now owned by father and son, Harry and Steve Johnson.

Hull# 39
Serial number MDS500390273
Owner; Steve Roberts
location; Lynn, Mass
This boat was purchased by Steve in the fall of 2000. He towed it home on the back of his station wagon.

Hull # ~ 39
Serial number #: MDS500390273
Year: 1973
Type: Midship 25 ~ Sloop~Rigged
Steering: Tiller
Keel: Swing
Engine: 12 Horsepower outboard ~ Tohatsu
Trailer: Valcome ~ ??? {Decals are partially ruined ~ still needs much work
Location: Lynn, Mass
Boat Name: "Mischevious Martine" ~ {formerly "Valhalla"}

Electronics: 3 marine radios ~ {1 handheld}, scanner, CB radio, handheld GPS, and 600 watt generator. Plan to add solar panels, depth sounder, and "Knot~O~Meter" ~ {a little "marine" humour there} ~ Antennas have not been rigged yet.

Accessories: 2 Port-a-potties~{one came with boat ~ purchased other}, 2 burner alchol stove~{added} ~ Boat came with a single burner propane-type and a dual-fuel single burner type ~ {Kero/gas}, kero/alcohol-type lantern, refurbished cushions, two inflatable Avon dingies ~ {one came with boat}, two storm anchors, and added a Davis "Windex" wind vane. Also added two AC-DC T. V.'s and an AC-DC VCR.

Modifications: plan on making small "cooler" @ top of "original" ~ {? ~ as shown in the plans} ~ top-load ice box, with bottom part to be used for dry food storage ~ {top for cold cuts ~ I am presently using the "cubby~space" under the seat beside the trunk for the keel gear for the large icebox}. Also, fixed "portholes" had been installed ~ one in the front cabin opening, and one in the top hatch, and a large "Lucite" rectangle ~ {openable} ~ in the back of the aft cabin wall. Plan on installing a round ~ {openable} ~ porthole in the top hatch of the rear cabin. I also would like to add an electric plug-in for dockside.

Sails: Mainsail ~ {has Midship insignia with the number 23 ?? Was there a 23 foot model ??}, 150 genoa on Cruising Design roller furling, additional jib~{unsure of size ~ have not opened it} Looking to add "drifter" sail.

Notes: I'm particularly pleased that the hull is supposed to be solid fiberglass ~ having been built when fiberglass was inexpenive ?!?!? Can anyone verify this ???

Remarks: I fell in love with this boat after sitting in the front cabin, {and told myself it was time to talk to the bank ?!?!?}.

I would love to "talk" to anyone about the various plans / layouts / blueprints that other owners have added or modified to their boat(s). I am especially interested in the plans for the "third cabin" tarp / canvas that transforms the cockpit into a tent-type enclosed third "cabin".

This boat was purchased by Steve in the fall of 2000. He towed it home on the back of his station wagon.
There are two #39's listed. If anyone can tell me which one is the real # 39 please let me know.
Thanks ~ Steve

Hull # 57
Owner; George Howe
Type: Midship 25
Upstate New York
Comments: I own Midship 25 Hull #57, MIDSHIPMAN, since 1973 which has been in the Great Lakes, including the North Channel, San Diego, Cleveland, New Orleans (Lake Ponchartrain) and now sail in a former resevoir in upstate New York, the Great Sacandaga Lake. Even did a live aboard "bit" during a tour in Louisiana. Boat has had many modifications including Auto Pilot, aft cabin layout, reefer addition, microwave, entertainment system and electronics and navigation suite. No changes to sail plan. Had to rebuild the Westerbeke-Vire on one occasion due to crank seizure. Served as an USCGAux Operational Facility for years on patrols; now USPS. Recent upgrades include 88.6 gal fresh water tankage (flexible tanks from France). Looking for a new gooseneck fitting (cast aluminum originally) for boom to mast connection repairs. Actually used the canvas "tent" between the cabin hatches, when living aboard about 15 years ago

Hull #: 65
Unknown Serial #:MDS500650573
Type: Midship 25
Owner : Robert and Virginia Seeber
Location: Guaymas, Sonora, Mexico
Name: Costa
A friend of mine in The States looked you up on the 'net. and gave me your address. I have a Las Vegas built Midship that is still mostly original...! Trailer and all. Hallmark sails, window curtains, rudder & basket, even that nasty keel. A 10hp Farryman diesel is the only non-factory equipment on board.. "Costa" is afloat and in daily service on the Sea Of Cortez near San Carlos, Sonora, Mexico.

See the great story of Conta, Hull #65 here.

Hull #: Unknown
Serial #: Unknown
Year: Unknown
Type: Midship 25
Owner : Henry McClain 3439 Hwy. 77 Panama City, FL. 32405

Hull #: Unknown
Serial #: Unknown
Year: Unknown
Type: Midship 25
Owner : Paul Ronning
3305 6th Street,
Twin Lake MI 49457

Hull #: Unknown
Serial #: Unknown
Year: Unknown
Type: Midship 25
Owner : Robert Seeber
14207 Kuehster Road
Littleton, CO 800127

Hull #: Unknown
Serial #: Unknown
Type: Midship 25
Owner :Sam Howard,
Baraboo WI

Hull: #82
Serial #: MDS500820673
Type:Dawson 26
Owner: Former, Bob Lengyel New Carl & Linda Sargent
Location; Arizona
Featured in Dawson Yacht Corp. brochure

Name: Prodigal
Sailed in 1976 single handed atlantic crossing race and finished 52nd
crossed Atlantic twice
Carl and Linda own PRODIGAL (our star), When purchased she had no engine, head, etc, as Mr. Lengyel probably wanted few thru fittings. The ostar # is still on the forehatch! (Please send pictures!!!!)Now working on upgrades to keel & s-drive engine.
Carl & Linda Sargent E-mail:

Hull #: 72
Serial #:MDS500720673
Year: 1975 Type: Midship 25
Owner:Tom deLombarde E-mail:
Boat Name:Slow Ride

Boat Location:Sandusky, Ohio
Tom has a web page with a Dawson 26 brochure.Visit Tom deLombarde's sailing page here. He is the owner of a Midship 25.

Hull # 84
Serial #:
Year: 1973
Type: Midship 25
Owner: Beverly and Gary E-mail:
Boat Name: Spirit of Annie
Boat Location: Coos Bay Oregon
Modifications: "Spirit of Annis" originally had an Baldwin 9.5 that was replaced in 2000 with a Yamaha T9.9 that was modified and placed in the same configuration, through hull. It works great and is very reliable. We also took out the rear toilet area and made a big bed. This year is a roller furling and depth sounder. We are consistently working on her and hope to take her to the Gulf of Mexico in 2003.

Hull #: 89
Serial #: DSM500890973
Year: 1973
Type: Midship 25
Owner:Jim Cukrowicz E-mail:
Boat Name:
Boat Location:Grand Junction, MI
Modifications: Removed inboard engine, moved aft cabin forward (cockpit area
Jim is a marine Surveyor and has sailed a midship to South America

Hull #: 95
Serial #:MDS500951073
Year: 1973
Type: Midship 25
Owner:Ron McPeake E-mail:
Boat Name: Neseema, Morning Breeze in Lebonese
Boat Location:Canyon Lake Marine, Canyon Lake, Texas
This is a ketch rigged vessel with a sail drive in need of work. Purchased July of 1998.
Former owner is Simon Le Hage of San Antonio Texas.

Hull #: 103
Serial #: DSM501031173
Year: 1973
Type: Midship 25

Owner: John C. KenneyE-mail:
Boat Name: Chibi Moon
Boat Location: South Haven, MI
Modifications: Folding front hatch, sliding rear hatch, originaly a Ketch, now sloop
New Westerbeke Vire 7 motor same as original.
Sails:Midship Main, Dawson Main, Mizzen, Mizzen staysail,Storm jib, Working Jib, 130% Genoa,
Poleless spinnaker.

Hull Number 199
Serial Number DYC 601990674
Location; San Diego Ca.
E-mail: vons
Comments: any info on DYC 601990674 would be appreciated...i've redone her...Thanks,,john

Hull 199 was purchased by Irv and Bob in 2002. They put the boat in their yard for bottom paint and found the keel rusted fast. They removed it and reset it and will call her Reality Check II. The inboard was removed and replaced with an outboard.


Hull # 229
Owner: Jason
Location; South Carolina
Year; 1976
In process of restoration. Some delamination of the foredeck.

Hull #: ??
Serial #:??
Type: Parker Dawson 26 ??
Owner: Jon Welch

Boat Name:
Boat Location: Georgetown Maine

Hull #: Unknown
Serial #: Unknown
Year: 1975
Type: Dawson 26
Owner: Peter DePuy E-mail:
Boat Name:
Boat Location:

Hull #229
Serial #: Unknown
Location: Cape Hatteras Area
Owner; Jason Tate
Retains all original equipment. Looking for replacement windows
Jason Tate E-mail:

Hull #: 239
Serial #: Unknown
Year: 1976
Type: Dawson 26
Owner: Peter J Brennan (former; owned for 8 years) E-mail:
Present Owner: Craig Jungers E-mail:
Boat Name: Yeraz (Armenian for Dream)
Boat Location: Washington State ?
Modifications:Holding tank for head, moved binnacle back 18 inches. New cushions,
Rebuilt engine (type?),Spinnake set-up,Intelux Brightside Hull paint.
Sails: Spinnaker.

I am the owner of a 1976 Dawson 26 (hull 246). I knew almost nothing about them until I found this website. I have had the boat for a year and have not sailed it yet. I got it cleaned up and the local lake dropped due to last summers drought. I am thinking of selling the boat because I bought a lake front lot and would like to use the money to start building a house. Any idea what the value is? Mine has a Yammar diesel and a tandam axle trailer under it. The sails and rigging are in great shape. Kevin Breaux Austin Texas mail:

Hull #: 249
Serial #: Unknown
Year: 1976
Type: Dawson 26
Owner#: Unknown, mentioned in P/D literature as sold in 1979

Hull #: 249
Serial #: Unknown
Year: 1977
Type: Parker Dawson 26
Owner:Patti and Bill Heller
Boat Location: Green Bay/ Lake Michigan
Engine; Yanmar Diesel
This ketch was bought new by two ladies who trailered to New Jersey in 1977.

Hull #: 254
Serial #: Unknown
Year: 1977
Type: Parker Dawson 26
Owner :Former owner Rob Kent, Former Owner, Ray Reuter, Present Tom Palmer
Boat Location: South Jersey
Modifications: Propane stove added, Rebuilt Swing Keel Mechanism, Replaced Broken Rudder.
Traveled to Bahamas for 4 months (Rob Kent)

Hull #: 270
Serial #: Unknown
Year: 1977
Type:Dawson 26
Owner: Vanon Bowling E-mail:
I have a 1977 Dawson, Hull #270. Manufactured in North Las Vegas, NV I was on a salvage team that raised her from where she had sunk at her mooring buoy off the North end of Camano Island in Puget Sound, WA due to neglect. Her cockpit drains had plugged and she filled with rain water. I traded my labor as the diver on the salvage for her. This is our fourth season together and she just keeps getting better. I had to completely redue everything after her sinking including the one cylinder Yanmar diesel. I have two kids 13 and 11 and this is the perfect camper boat for a small family. I have no idea what she is worth. As far as I'm concerned, she's priceless. I have some manufacturer advertisements from some sailing magazines that a guy mailed to me. I'll scan them in and forward them to you. Anyone that has specs or brochures they can provide would be greatly appreciated.

Hull #:272 Model: Parker Dawson 26
Year: 1978
Engine; Yanmar inboard diesel
All original equipment.This boat was listed for sale in the yatching forum for $10,000 or best offer.

Hull #: 273
Serial #: Unknown
Year: 1978 Type Dawson 26

Hull #: 276
Serial #: Unknown
Type: Parker Dawson 26
Owner: Peter Tobin E-mail:

Boat Name:
Boat Location: Northern Idaho, Lake Pend'Oreill

Owner#: Unknown,
mentioned in P/D literature as sold in 1979

Hull #: 279
Serial #: Unknown
Year: 1979
Type: Dawson 26
Owner:Wendell & Marilyn Greene,
32 Evans Road,
Durham, NH 03824
Boat Name:Madbury Packet
Boat Location:Unknown
Engine: Yanmar 8HP Diesel w/3blade 12" prop.
Modifications:Roller Furl jib and enclosed Bimini top. Added a Mizzen Mast.
Built in Clearwater Florida.$18750 New plus $1500 For the four wheel trailer

Hull #280
Serial #NBTBD2800179
Type:Parker Dawson (Does Serial # indicate Nassau?)
Owner; Char Ormsby
Boat Location; At Present it is on the West Coast of Florida but Char will be bringing her home to Cocoa soon.
Name; JG
This boat has a YSM8G Yanmar diesel. The swing keel is being inspected as some bolts that hold the box appear to be missing thenuts. The rigging will be replaced and ready to sail.
If you have ever dropped the box or have info on the rigging specs give Char an email

Hull #308
Serial #:unknown
Boat Name: Voyager
Boat Location: Sebago Lake, Naples Maine
Owners Stephen Davis and Lynn Ploof-Davis
Modifications; Roller Furling Jib, Bimini w/windshield
If you have any interesting information on where you think this boat was built, if the year of manufacture is accurate, etc. I would appreciate hearing about it.
Stephen Davis E-mail: <

Hull #: 310
Serial #: Unknown
Year: 1983 Type: Parker Dawson 26
Owner: Lowell Loweke E-mail:

pic of midship

Boat Name:
Boat Location: Traverse Bay
Modifications:Autopilot 4000st,
Sails:150% Genoa, Hood Roller Furling.

Hull #: Unknown
Serial #: Unknown
Year: Unknown
Type: Parker Dawson 26

Hull #313
Serial #:PHR26313M82K
Boat Name: Formerly Sixth Happiness, Stumpy II, no name at present
Bot Location: Silverdale WA
Owner Stephen S. Wigylus
Keelis a swing keel with a Yanmar YSM* diesel engine. The aft sink cabinet was replaced with a Igloo absorbtion refridgerator. A CDI roller furling jib was added. Has forward head and aft porta-potti. The rudder has suffered damage and delamitation.The original bill lists as "Optional extras', full cockpit enclosure, cockpit cushions, companionway flaps, dockside power, swim ladder, vanity sink in the aft cabin and whel steering guard. It has edson helm and compass. The original shoreline trailer is also still with her. Stephen is the third owner.

The present owner is a retired US Navy Submariner who now works for a wireless communication company in Redmond WA.
Stephen S. Wigylus E-mail:

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