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The Midship 25, Dawson 26, and the Parker Dawson 26

pic of midship

pic of midship

pic of midship

WANTED------ A Picture of a fixed keel Parker Dawson out of the water.
FOUND- A great early picture of a fixed keel going in- Sent by Beverly and Gary- Spirit of Annie Hull #84 here.

See the great story of Conta, Hull #65 here.

NEW-New-New- What to look for when thinking of purchasing a Parker Dawson

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The Parker Dawson is a fiberglass hull, center cockpit, 26 foot saiboat. It was built under several different names: Midship 25, Dawson 26, and Parker Dawson 26, to name a few. The purpose of this site is to gather locations and hull numbers of Parker Dawson and related ships. If you own a Parker Dawson, e-mail me at the address found below. Aimed at the family market as well as the first-time sailor, the Midship 25 features a roomy cockpit amidships that can seat up to eight, two cabins for extra privacy, two heads (one with a shower that can be enclosed), berths for five, a galley, and a dinette table that can be dropped to make a large, wraparound settee. Well built of fiberglass with aluminum spars and stainless steel rigging, she's of light displacement and sails well with a moderate sail plan. Her keel is easily raised and lowered with a high-powered worm gear and her rudder is retractable, too, making her a boat that is conveniently trailed and readily launched in only 18" of water. She also boasts an important safety factor in that she is designed to be completely self-righting with the keel retracted. If desired, a fixed keel can be had.
The auxiliary power is a single-cylinder Westerbeke Vire of seven hp, that moves her along at about six knots. A Westerbeke DS or Petter Mini-diesel of five hp are options, as is a Baldwin two-cylinder 9 1/2 hp gasoline engine.
There is stand-up headroom in the galley, which has a two-burner stove, sink, freshwater pump, an insulated icebox, a 15-gallon water tank, and ample stowage. All interior berths are 6'3" to 6'9" long and the 6'2" cockpit seats can also be used as berths if desired.
-Taken from _Yachting_ magazine, October 1973

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In Progress
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Would you like to see the original invoice for a Parker Dawson 26 hull #313 (The last on my records)here

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I have tried to remember the rigging for the boom.and the headsail. I'm sure everyone has a preference to the way they rig their sails. This is mine, at least the way I remember it in the winter months. If you have a better way or are better at drawing please send me your version. I will try to get photos this summer.

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